Biobeat Medical Monitoring

About BioBeat

About Biobeat

Founded in 2014 by a small group of medical providers
and engineers looking to change the continuum of care
provided to different sectors.

The company has an end-to-end medical-grade
monitoring systems for the management of patients
and individuals from a distance.

Our Disruptive Technology

  • Biobeat’s proprietary sensor based on reflective PPG
  • Employs multiple light spectrums
  • Integrates signal processing and filtration
  • Incorporates Biobeat’s cutting-edge algorithms
  • Configurable spot check frequency

Blue and Red Lines

Wrist Band and White Machine

Sensor Measures and Records

Our Products



Graph of the Biobeat system

Web Monitoring Management Platform

  • ICU-like designThe System's Monitor
  • Accessible from any web platform
  • Real time measurements
  • ECG display
  • Accessible historical data
  • Different permission levels for personnel

The End User App

The System's Dashboard

Value Proposition

Blood Pressure Holter & Sleep Lab Solution