Simple, Accurate Monitoring of Vital Signs

Health monitoring is easy with the Biobeat Watch and Biobeat Patch. These comfortable, unobtrusive wearable devices provide real-time monitoring of more than a dozen different vital signs and other parameters, allowing you to identify abnormal heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and more. The accompanying app lets anyone compare current data with historical baselines and offers multi-patient monitoring for medical professionals.

Vital Signs & More

Biobeat products are so much more than simple smartwatches—they are multifunctional diagnostic tools. These medical-grade products provide accurate results that you can trust. Users can easily set alarm points for each vital sign that let you know when certain levels are reached. Each Biobeat Watch or Patch includes a built-in fall alarm, step counter, and sleep quality monitor. Sensors also measure:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Saturation
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Pulse Pressure
  • Systemic Vascular Resistance
  • Stroke Volume
  • Cardiac Output
  • Cardiac Index
  • Temperature
  • Sweat
Body Scan

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BioBeat Watch

The Biobeat Watch is perfect for 24/7 wellness monitoring. Wearing one will allow you or a loved one to monitor your vital signs from any location, making it perfect for anyone with frequent health complications. In case of distress, the unit will alert the person in charge of monitoring, enabling them to provide help or call an ambulance if needed. The battery lasts up to three days and is easily recharged for permanent and repeated use.

BioBeat Patch

The BioBeat Patch delivers the same accurate monitoring capabilities as the Biobeat Watch but in a disposable form. Each patch has a 10-day lifespan and can be placed on any part of the body. This device is Wi-Fi connected, so you can view the data from any computer or mobile device. The Biobeat Patch is a more affordable and convenient option for patients who require short-term monitoring.

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Sports Uses

Although Biobeat's products are designed for medical use, they are also invaluable for sports teams and athletes. Coaches and trainers can monitor athletes' vital signs and analyze the data over time.